Uncover the secrets of your metabolism with a muffin
Over half of the global population suffers from preventable metabolic chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, resulting in significant healthcare costs, such as £10 billion in the United Kingdom. By 2030, an estimated 12.6 million individuals in the UK are at risk of developing T2DM—7 out of 10 of which are unaware of their risk. Without intervention, this increasing population is at risk of developing a serious life-long condition. 
Morning Meta-Muffin initiative offers a path to personalized nutrition through non-invasive metabolic at-home screening. The kit includes a muffin, breathalyzer, and accompanying app. By applying the principles of Psychological Ownership Theory, which posits an individual's sense of ownership over a target, whether material or immaterial, the starter kit aims to promote positive health outcomes among individuals at risk of T2DM. The goal is to empower individuals to gain insights into their body’s metabolic processes and make informed food choices based on their own unique nutritional fingerprint. 
How it works
A screening test is sent to target users through the NHS – as they have direct access to family history data. To activate the kit, they would have to connect to the app. The app will then guide them through a fasting breath measurement and a postprandial measurement in order to give the users their current energy usage and ketone level. If a user is found to have a high ketone score, they are then referred to get an HbA1C test, the only definitive test for T2DM. 
In Collaboration with:
Technical Advisor
Counselling Psychologist
Research group at Imperial College London led by Dr. Weston Baxter working at the intersection of design theory & methodology and behavioural science.
3D artist & advisor
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